All Star Information

All-Stars ~ 10, 11, and 12 year olds (9s if interest)

The all-star season provides a "post season" experience at a higher level of competition for those qualified and selected through an objective process.  This experience is an earned one that encompasses not just advanced skills for the age group, but a well-rounded ability to play the game.  Additionally, participants must have character that exhibits sportsmanship during games and parallels the opportunity of representing our community in other communities.
All-Star Coach Selection

A two-step process:  Peer & Board


1.  Win/loss record of regular season is irrelevant.

2.  Voting will include the managers and assistant coaches of the division coached in, so that it is a peer selection.  Managers or coaches can vote for themselves. If EYB has a Minor A and B configuration for regular season, Minor B coaches vote only for a 9-year-old manager, and Minor A coaches can vote only for the 10-year-old manager.  Minor A coaches wanting to be considered for the 9 year old manager position, can vote for that manager.

3.  Those interested in managing an all-star team must submit in writing their desire to do so on or about the 10th of April.  This can be accomplished by giving it to the Coaching Coordinator or any EYB board member.

4.  Voting for the manager (if more that one applicant) will be by ballot process and conducted on the 24th of April.  This gives the elected manager half the season for scouting and evaluation purposes in addition to the all-star tryout day.

5.  The final selection of all-star manager after the voting is counted will be approved by a board vote.

6.  Manager must, in advance, be committed to the entire timeframe of post-season play (within reason).

7.  Effective with the 2008 season, no person can manage or coach a tournament team unless the coaching accreditation from Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken has been completed, and the said coach is a current registered coach in EYB.


Our selection process should be such that we elect a representative of our league and community that will represent well and the aforementioned in tournament play,  both locally and out of town.

This person needs to have demonstrated good baseball knowledge in order to put forth a best effort approach on strategy within the expectations of tournament play, i.e. understand substitutions, player strengths, pitching rules and rotations, and basic strategy of the game.  This person must be organized and communicate expectations to both parents and players, clearly and consistently throughout the experience.  Prospective manager should be good with kids and parents as witnessed and supported by peers.

This person, most of all, needs to at all times demonstrate leadership, poise and a demeanor worthy of the charge to guide young boys and girls not only in the game of baseball, but in the life lessons they are sure to encounter in the all-star experience.  This includes behavior on and off the field while in the community at large during this role.  Outbursts of anger, demeaning comments, or a lack of perspective regarding the most important thing -- our children-- will be cause for immediate dismissal.  This process, should it be necessary, will commence with repeated complaints by parents, opposing coaches, or direct observations by EYB board members. The grievances will be reviewed and voted on by the board for quick resolve in an expeditious manner.

All-Star Player Selection

Any player in the respective age group that signs up for EYB is eligible, subject to Cal Ripken rules.  A player must complete 10-14 regular season games, or 50% of games due specifically to injury to be eligible.  This is not an entitlement program: just because your child was on an all-star team in previous years does not guarantee him/her a spot in successive years.  Our league recognizes that although the decision of who to select is difficult at best, kids' abilities change year to year, while at the same time trying to put the best possible team on the field to compete on behalf of our league.  Coaching availability and player numbers permitting (12 players per team is our goal), it is possible more than one team per age division will be fielded for tournament play.  It is also possible that a certain age group will not be represented due to coaching or player restrictions.

Selection process

Phase 1 - Tryout invitation list

Our league is made up of volunteer coaches where some have basic knowledge of the game while others have intimate familiarity. That being the case, these are the folks who see the players on their teams and the other players in the league on a regular basis. During the course of the regular season play and prior to the all-star tryout day, the manager of each team in each division will submit names of players they believe should get an opportunity to try out for all-stars. The manager will submit names not only from their own team, but names of kids in the same division of whom, by observation, they believe is a candidate to try out.  The names of children submitted in this phase are the kids who will be invited to try out only, and it is not an implied selection of the final team.  Remember that typical criteria used to develop the tryout list would include: if your child is still developing basic skills or struggling in the regular season games in key areas like throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding, they are not ready for tournament baseball.

During this time, the managers or coaches of the respective divisions will then get together to discuss the invitation list, and go over their respective rosters in identifying any child who was perhaps missed in the first submissions.

Once the choices are finalized by the coaches, these names will become the formal invitation list on the pre-assigned day.  The managers will then be responsible to notify the kids on their team that have made the tryout list as to when and what time tryout day is.

Phase 2 - Expectations and commitments

Once the tryout day arrives, the first order of business is to present the "known and expected" tournaments the team will be playing along with all-star team expectations that will be handed out to both the parents and children who are candidates prior to commencing tryouts.  We will publish the list of anticipated tournaments as soon as it is available, all the while being subject to change.  If at the time of tryouts an invited participant cannot commit to the tournament schedule as known at that time in its entirety, that individual will be asked to decline participation in the tryouts.  It is important for parents to know that their time will be required in the post-season for things such as concessions, travel coordination, scoring, potential fundraising, and admissions for tournament play.

Post-season baseball is fun, intense, and a lot is asked of players and family in regards to time and commitment.  It is our goal to select players through an objective and public process that will best represent Eastmont Youth Baseball in the 9, 10, 11, and 12-year-old categories for this particular year.

Phase 3

Once tryouts begin, the children will be evaluated in several basic baseball skills along with their peers.  They will have multiple exposures to infield, outfield, and hitting.  During this process, they will be evaluated by the managers and/or coaches who coached in their division during regular season.  The evaluators will be using time-tested grading criteria to help in their assessments.  At the end of tryouts, each manager will submit to the elected All-Star Manager their input of the top 12-14 names they believe should be considered for the final team.  Once tryouts are complete, the all-star manager will, in private, review the data and make his determinations.  Subsequent to these decisions, the manager will, by his appointment, select two assistant coaches, which must be further approved by the board.  The only protected player through the tryout process is the elected all-star manager's child.  The final list will be posted at the 4-Plex by the President of the Board.